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Take your time to explore our special feel-well offers at our [comfort zone] spa. Here you will find your very personal time-out from your daily life. Relax, recharge your batteries, feel happy and taken care of and feel beautiful. Our spa zone and the Sonne Lifestyle Resort offer you the best conditions.


Our recommendation: make your [comfort zone] spa appointment prior to arrival; this way we can make sure that your request is definitely fulfilled.

Use of the [comfort zone] spa on the day o departure

If you have booked appointment of spa treatments, you are welcome to use the wellness area until 4:00 PM, free of charge. Please let the front desk know, the evening prior to departure. You will receive a key to the locker and fresh towels there. The regular check-out must be completed by 11:00 AM. Please bring you wellness bag, including all items, the bathrobe and the locker key back to the front desk, before your final departure. Please note that we must charge for any items not returned. Thank you for your understanding.

Your wellness bag at your stateroom

In your room we have ready for you a wellness bag including a seat cushion for the steam baths, the wellness rules and a cloth peg, in order to identify your bath robe. Please bring back these items at all times to your room. In addition you will find there two bath towels and a towel for your relax bed. You can dispose of the towels at the bins in the comfort zone spa. The following morning you will get fresh towels from your chamber maid. Additional towels are available at the front desk.


Appointments may be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the due time. Any cancellations later than this will be charged at 70% of the amount due. Should you arrive late for your treatment, it is not possible - out of respect to the subsequent guests - to extend the time of the treatment.

Guests wearing spa garments

Guests wearing bathrobes and slippers are kindly asked to use the elevator to reach the [comfort zone] spa from their rooms. We kindly ask you not to enter any of the public hotel areas when wearing spa clothes. Exception: in the restaurant during snack time between 1:30 and 3:00 P every day.

Nude area

Please understand that the nude area may only be entered by persons from the age of 16 years.

Reservation of canvas chairs

Should you decide to take a break from relaxing for a trip to the sauna or due to an appointment at the spa treatment, we kindly ask you not to reserve the chairs in the meantime.

Smoking rules

The entire [comfort zone] spa area is non-smoking. Smoking is solely permitted in a designated outdoor area by the pool in the garden. Thank you for your understanding.

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