Sustainability at hotel Sonne

environmental protection

Sunbeams for the following generations: this thought of environmental protection determines our daily work; and we have not started this recently. Since reconstruction of “Sonne Lifestyle Resort Bregenzerwald“ in 2008 we have put great stress on resource-efficient handling at our hotel.

Heating with deliberation

Our heating system is tied to the biological thermal power station in Mellau and our pool is heated by heat recovery of our cold storage cells.

Sensible consumption of electricity

Our photo-voltaic system, which was built in 2018, is able to cover 1/6 of our hotel’s entire power usage. In 2020 all lamps, which are running longer than twelve hours per day, were replaced by a high-grade luminant system from Zumtobel company in cooperation with VKW.

Our own charging station

Three on-site Tesla charging stations, one universal charging station and two public Vlotte charging stations are installed and available for our guests. Our hotel is also within reach of public transport and a public bus stop is very close.  

Waste-prevention and separation

This is a MUST for all of us and we only use ecological detergent and cleanser with an EU-Ecolabel.  Our few scraps of food are taken to a biogas plant by our local waste disposal which produces heat energy with it. This fact and many more rewarded us with a Trip-advisor platin award as “Green-Leader”.

The environment-friendly guest

Our eco-friendly thought goes the extra mile. We decided to give up on any table linen, and do not offer unrequested daily room service, starting in May 2022. You, as our guest, can decide day-to-day if you would like to use housekeeping or if you abstain from it. We recommend to use towels resource-efficiently in your room and the spa and reuse towels when possible.

We are grateful for your cooperation at all times and always open for new ideas. Please give us any feedback you may have.

Your sunbeams Team

We implement many other small and large measures every day in our sustainable hotel, from which you will benefit during your stay.