Tradition & Modern Lifestyle

our central theme

Tradition meets modern lifestyle...

is a well-known saying which often decays into an empty word. At the Sonne Lifestyle Resort we treat this differently. The relationship between tradition and modern lifestyle lies at the heart of our hoteliers. And this is what you can experience in every nook and corner of this ****S-hotel. Tradition meets modern lifestyle runs like a golden thread through the entire concept of our hotel.

Where does this traditional thought come from?

The hotel’s history entails the recollection of a traditional lifestyle. During the postwar years, the Sonne Mellau had been a tourist magnet in the Bregenzerwald. The landlady of the Sonne, Marget Bischofberger, who also loved to play the accordion, understood quickly what hosting is all about and that it should come from the heart. For her granddaughter, Natalie Läßer, it is important to maintain her grandmother’s legacy – both with hosting warmth and details in the hotel which are still original.

The historical interest of the old guest house "Sonne" becomes inseparable from the unforgettable landlady Margreth Bischofberger. Born in the year of 1921, Margreth accepted responsibility with her husband Eugen 1946 in taking over the "Gasthof Sonne", that time consisting of only two rooms with three tables and just 12 chairs. Its first conversion started in 1950 with 20 beds.

Some later, Margreth and her husband decided to rent 10 smaller houses in Mellau to fulfil requested accommodation requirements for 60 up to 100 guests. In 1954 a hall was added to its complex holding up to 60 seats.

The first structural alteration and extension became necessary in 1958. An additional restaurant with a capacity of 80 seats and a tract with 30 standard beds put new life into. From this moment on the legendary dance and entertainment evenings have given rise to call Mellau the "village of sin ..."

In the year of 1972 Mellau became also known as an attractive winter sport resort. The opening of several ski lifts in Mellau, its entertainment and dance floor holding up to 280 persons was the simple reason to visit Mellau - and not only on formal occasions. Later, in 1977 a smaller hotel was erected on its property land following by an extension in 1985 to provide additional room capacity presenting an adequate accommodation standard, that time of high quality.

A new Concept of Architecture with Charisma

Taking along Past Times into Today  

In the entrance hall observers can find big frames with impressive black and white motives. Old pictures of people in traditional attire of the Brengenzerwald or mountain farmers at work invite the viewer to indulge in old times. But not only do the interior and home accessories indicate the thought of keeping tradition. It is also the mindfulness and the special attention to use regional products which keeps tradition.

We love to remember those times when products had predominantly been produced and distributed in and from this region – so to say from neighbor to neighbor. It means a lot to us to give our guests an understanding of the Bregenzerwald and therefore to use and offer regional products. And not only to give our guests something to take along with but also because of sustainability. We ensure this whether in our kitchen or in our new shop “be sonn deres”. There you can experience handicraft of the Bregenzerwald and discover a variety of regional products and unique items from domestic handicraft businesses.

A cooperation of tradition and modern lifestyle

Despite our attempt to preserve originality, our hotel succeeds in integrating amenities and conveniences of modern lifestyle into our traditional concept. So you can treat yourself to some fine food from our international kitchen which incorporates the best regional products into a culinary interaction of domestic products and modern cooking.

Or you treat yourself to a far Eastern Ayurveda-massage where domestic herbal oils are used. What sort of indulgence and relaxation our guests choose, let us take you on a journey where tradition and modern lifestyle meet!