Attractions in Vorarlberg

Activities & sightseeing attractions around Mellau

Discover great excursion destinations and sights in Vorarlberg while enjoying your holiday in Mellau. In addition to the impressive mountain scenery and picturesque valleys, a rich cultural diversity offers an interesting variety for wonderful and lasting holiday memories.

Kunsthaus Bregenz

The Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB) is the centre for modern art in Bregenz, which is the state capital of Vorarlberg. It was planned by the famous Swiss architect Peter Zumthor by order of the city of Bregenz and was built between 1990 and 1997.


Jewish Museum Hohenems

The Jewish Museum ‘Hohenems’ was opened at the mansion Heimann-Rosenthal in the centre of the former Jewish quarter in April 1991. 

In 2007, the permanent exhibition was completely redesigned and presents an exemplarily local story showing the conflicting priorities of Jewish life and their former environment. Confronted with visitors’ questions, the exhibition shows the concrete reality of life of the Diaspora in the context of European history of migration, Trans boundary relations, networks and globalisation.


Rolls-Royce Museum in Dornbirn

In 1999 the biggest Rolls-Royce museum worldwide opened, which is located in a 150-year old former spinning company building. Visitors can get fascinating insights about the classy times of the British Empire. There is a fully functional auto shop from Sir F.H. Royce that shows how the inventor carried on his job 100 years ago.


Metzler Molke

This mountain farmstead is in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Bregenz Forest. For more than 20 years, they are processing the milk daily from their cows and goats to produce the cheese delicacy ‘Wälderkäsle’.  

The whey, which accumulates during the production of this cheese, will be processed to premium care products right away. This all happens without animal testing, chemical agents and without any dyestuffs.


Inatura Dornbirn

Virtual journeys to different planets become possible, giant models of insects and live-projection about events in the biosphere of microorganisms allow whole new insights. Visitors can go on travel a journey through time to primeval marine creatures 110 mio. years ago and a butterfly habitat allow people to observe rare butterflies throughout the entire year.


‘Käsehaus’ in Andelsbuch

4 businesses of the Bregenz Forest implemented their vision of a central marketplace with local products. These are the small local alpine dairy, the butcher, the schnaps distillery and the bakery. The ‘Käsehaus’ in the Bregenz Forest is the central marketplace with the entire local variety of the Bregenz Forest.

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Andelsbuch - Room for handicraft activities in Bregenz Forest

The Bregenz Forest handicraft is famous beyond its borders. The works of this handicraft manufacturer are internationally famous and their staff on the spot. With the establishment of this factory in Bregenz Forest in 1999, they have created their own platform. They organize exhibitions, competitions and lectures as well as development work and they always look for new trainees. Today, this handicraft is economically important – and therefore they have their own room for it.


Museum ‘Juppenwerkstatt’ in Riefensberg

A new "old" Juppenwerkstatt. (‘Juppen’ is a traditional costume) - The ‘Juppen’ manufacturing workshop in Riefensberg carries on a craft, which was thought to be obsolete. When Luise and Manfred Fitz had to announce the end of their manufacturing workshop in Egg in 1993 it seemed like the end of the ‘Juppen’ – but the ‘Juppen’ manufacturing workshop (‘Juppenwerkstatt’) was founded in Riefensberg



Bezau, with its 2.000 residents, is the main village in the Bregenz Forest and the last station of the former Bregenzerwaldbahn (Bregenz Forest train). It is an attractive starting point for a 6.1km train ride. The train leaves the village, passing one of the most distinctive mountains ‘Kanisfluh’, and is heading for two bridges (‘Grebenbachbrücke’ and ‘Kastenbrücke’) above the Bregenzerache.


Vorarlberg excursion destinations in nature

Explore the majestic peaks of the Alps, hike along idyllic hiking trails or devote yourself to exciting outdoor activities such as mountain biking, climbing or rafting. Vorarlberg's diverse landscape offers countless opportunities to experience nature in all its glory.

Lake Körber (‘Körbersee’)

Lake Körber is situated in the south east of Hochtannbergpass. It can be found in the middle of the Lechtaler Alps 1,600m above sea level. The lake can only be reached on foot (after a 45minutes walk). At a surface of 5 acres, it is one of the smaller lakes in the area Vorarlberg but it is famous for its excellent drinking water quality.

Barefoot Trail through the Bizauer Moss

Join together the shoelaces of your trekking boots, flick them over your shoulder and enjoy your time at the Bizauer Moss. You can experience the thousand-year-old hill moor with your bare feet.


Bregenz Forest has largely maintained its traditional farming structure for centuries. One part of it is ‘Schönebach’ with its approx. 200 cows and stock during spring and autumn. The so-called ‘Vorsäßzeit’ is an important part of peasant life.

To Soar from Bezau by Gondolas

Over the sunny mountain’s crest of ‘Niedere’, the new gondola cableway will take families, excursionists and athletes to one of the most beautiful observation point in Bregenz Forest. There you can enjoy a magnificent panorama view over the hills in the north of Lake Constance.


Other activities in the Bregenzerwald

Women’s Museum Hittisau

The purpose of the women’s museum is to illustrate the world (past and present) from the women’s standpoint and controversy of their natural and social environment: and the resulting (female-specific) culture. In order to do this there is a collection of information and objects from the female daily life.


Angelika Kaufmann Museum

Museum of local history in Schwarzenberg established in 1913. Since 1928, after the third relocation now at the ‘Kleberhaus’. In 2007, the entire back of the house was rebuilt to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Angelika Kauffmann’s death. The architect team Dietrich/Untertrifaller implanted high tech rooms into an old economic tract at the historic ‘Kleberhaus’ from 1556.


The Bregenzerwald and its sights

Whether you are a nature lover, seeking adventure or interested in past history, Vorarlberg has something for everyone. In addition, you can discover the region's rich cultural heritage in Vorarlberg's charming towns and villages. Visit historical museums and art galleries or stroll through picturesque alpine villages with their traditional buildings and cosy inns.

Vorarlberg is also known for its excellent cuisine, ranging from traditional regional dishes to modern gourmet creations. Let yourself be tempted by the local specialities and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Vorarlbergers while exploring the excursion destinations and sights in the Bregenzerwald.

Events in Bregenzerwald